Almost 50 years’ experience in the production of luxury yachts make Cantiere del Pardo one of the flagships of Italian boatbuilding. The yard has increased its range of historic brands with VanDutch, a pure lifestyle and design brand

Cantiere del Pardo is one of the most prestigious and highly prized companies in the production of luxury yachts. From 1973 to the present over 4,500 boats have sailed under its banner, admired worldwide for their careful detailing, choice of quality materials and distinctively clean, elegant and innovative designs, matching market trends. In its Forlì boatyard, employing the region’s finest craftworkers, it builds its high-performance Grand Soleil Yachts (sailing boats up to 18 meters long), Pardo Yachts (the brand for motorboats, founded in 2016) and Grand Soleil Custom watercraft, from 18 to 24 meters, made to measure for its clients.

Recently the Cantiere del Pardo has acquired the VanDutch brand, highly appreciated for its strong lifestyle soul. The acquisition has not passed unnoticed. “We are proud of this operation which testifies to the state of health of our boatyard,” says Fabio Planamente, Cantiere del Pardo’s CEO. “Cantiere del Pardo can look forward confidently to the future and think in terms of growth with acquisitions in a segment, that of engines, that is strategic to the company.”

VanDutch (a brand founded in the Netherlands in 2008) offers a product that complements those that have created Cantiere del Pardo’s fame. “In America it’s a highly prized brand. You’ll always see a VanDutch in front of the villas in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but it’s also very popular on the French Riviera and in the Baleares. We’re very proud of this acquisition,” stresses Planamente. A VanDutch is a very high segment boat, being a pure design and lifestyle watercraft with a high-level customer profile. “It’s also a comeback for us Italians, all too often accused of selling our brands to foreign companies. Doing the opposite does us honor, because it will bring growth to our region. The production will be at Forlì in Italy. It will still keep its established designers (the Dutch Mulder Design). A strategy to become a new big group? “Yes, why not?” Fabio Planamente observes. “But we have our feet firmly planted on the ground. Ours is a very lean company, quick at taking decisions and very attentive to market changes. This mix has enabled us to grow rapidly.” How will it make its debut on the international market? By the end of 2020 the VanDutch 48 and VanDutch 56 will be seen and three new models are expected to be launched in 2021.